Science of Sleep

Fusion by Komfi is where we earned our reputation. This mattress range features a pioneering new form of sleep technology that left competitors trailing in our wake - 4G. And we never stood still. We continue to refine and improve our Fusion range, so you can be sure that you’re choosing a mattress that continues to lead the industry.

Contributing to Comfort

Rather than adopt a traditional single layer approach, your Fusion mattress uses a unique 4 layer system, each exactly tailored to mimic and mould to the movement and contours of your body. Every layer contributing to the overall supreme comfort level a Fusion mattress provides.

4G™ Inside

The unique ‘open cell’ technology incorporated within each Fusion mattress is designed with you in mind. By expertly cooling and ventilating from head to toe, you benefit from optimal sleeping temperature combined with superior support.

Our Fusion mattress delivers optimal sleeping temperature and superior support.

The Fusion Removable Cover

A removable cover makes up the top layer of the mattress. Simple and speedy to remove, you can simply rejuvenate your Fusion mattress by cleaning it in any domestic washing machine.

Guaranteed Quality

The ten year guarantee we provide on every Fusion mattress is a mark of our confidence. We’re certain that by choosing Fusion by Komfi, you’ll enjoy a full decade of great nights’ sleep.

Enjoy a full decade of great sleep with a Komfi Fusion mattress.

Our Best-selling Range

As our best-selling range, you can be certain we have the ideal Fusion mattress for you. To find out more click on the products below or use our stockist finder to discover your local Komfi mattress expert.

View Our Brochure

Click on the link below to download a copy of our Komfi brochure. Whilst this is downloading you will also have the opportunity to request a beautiful hard-bound copy that will be sent in the post to you.


Download the Komfi mattress brochure.