Made in the UK

Each Komfi mattress proudly carries the ‘Made in the UK’ stamp. Instead of following the herd and importing from China, we’ve been manufacturing right here - in Yorkshire, England - for decades.

A commitment to constant investment and innovation means each Komfi mattress is expertly crafted using the latest in 3D digital design, innovative materials and groundbreaking technology.

Komfi mattresses - made in the UK.

The British Way

But there’s something else… Whether your preference is for hard or soft, 4G or pocket sprung, our mattresses all have one thing in common. They are hand finished by the craftsmen and women of Komfi. Each an expert in their field; artisans of dreams.

And as one of the few UK mattress specialists, we do things in our own quintessentially British way.

All Komfi mattresses are hand finished by craftsmen and women.

Experience the Difference

Rolling is great for Norwegians and their herring. And it’s perfectly fine for Cubans to handle their cigars this way. But that’s not us.

The truth is, we’d no more roll a mattress to get it home than we’d roll up a Savile Row suit. That’s simply no way to treat a piece of craftsmanship. Which is why your Komfi mattress is delivered flat – just how they’re meant to be used.

This same love and attention goes into every Komfi mattress.
Distinctive. Innovative. British.

Komfi mattresses - distinctive, innovative, British.