Artisans of Dreams

Can you ever understand that which you do not know?

A robot has never enjoyed a glorious, restorative night’s sleep, so why put your faith in one to deliver your own slumbers?

It’s why Komfi’s strength rests with the skilled craftsmen and women we’re proud to call our team. This cadre of time-honoured and apprentice-trained makers - many of them third-generation mattress manufacturers - have a lifetime of experience in their armoury.

Komfi - Mattress manufacturers with heritage.

Engineering a Great Night's Sleep

Their expert eye and attention to detail is vital to your peaceful night. And no mattress leaves the production line until they’ve signed it off personally.

Nobody knows more about engineering a great night’s sleep than them. It’s why we’re so confident in the manufacture of our mattresses that we guarantee them for up to 15 years.

Komfi: Hand finished by artisans of dreams.

Komfi mattresses: Hand finished by artisans of dreams.