Forefront of Technology

For decades, Komfi has been at the forefront of mattress technology.

With a dedicated Research & Design team at the helm, we’re always pushing limits and testing boundaries. A legacy reflected in our constant product innovations.

Whilst others copy, we lead.

Komfi are at the forefront of mattress technology.

Sleep Innovation

We lead the way in bringing the scientific understanding of sleep from the medical world to people’s homes. Ensuring Komfi customers received a superior night’s sleep on cutting edge foam technology, when the rest of the world was still struggling with unwieldy springs and coarse fabrics.

And it’s an ethos we carry through to this day. Still at the vanguard of sleep innovation. Still giving our best to ensure your best night’s sleep. Still with the ultimate goal of helping the entire world to simply sleep better.

Komfi - aiming to help the entire world sleep better!

A Broad Ambition

It’s a broad ambition, granted, but we’re getting there - one mattress at a time. Join the crusade to sleep better, by discovering for yourself the joys of sleeping on a mattress incorporating unique technologies: 4G open cell foam, Purotex, zip-top covers, Adaptive materials and V-Tek air channels.

Our sleep experts are on hand to go through the options available, and help identify the perfect mattress for you.

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Discover the joys of sleeping on a Komfi mattress.