Our Mattresses

The bedroom should be your sanctuary, and your bed the ultimate place to unwind and drift off to sleep. We offer a range of mattresses to suit your personal comfort choice, whether that be a soft or firm feel, or somewhere in between.

The Active Collection

The combination of innovative technology and contemporary design create the luxurious comfort of this collection.

The Unity Collection

A comprehensive range of mattresses offering a variety of sleep solutions, great value, comfort and support.

The Rhea Collection

A collection that combines luxury with a more ecological and sustainable product.

  • 10 Years Guarantee
  • British Made
  • Recycleable Mattress
  • Washable Cover
  • Reduced Carbon
  • Increased Airflow


The perfect night’s rest is key to your well-being. We focus on the science and development of new technologies, such as ViscoGel, to provide the best possible sleep experience.

NeuformEcofoamvisco Gel