5 ways a good night's sleep can make this the dreamiest Valentine's day yet

5 ways a good night's sleep can make this the dreamiest Valentine's day yet

Red roses, candlelit dinners and passion-filled declarations of love. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and as usual, the world is woozy with emotion.

Now they say that love conquers all, but we reckon a good night’s sleep is the real secret to smooth-sailing Valentine celebrations. It’s certainly the key to our hearts.

Sleep your way to a dreamy Valentine’s Day

Combining industry-leading technology with luxurious comfort, the Komfi mattress range is the ultimate wingman during the season of love. So exactly how will a good night’s sleep courtesy of Komfi prepare you for the big day?

  • Pressure-relieving memory foam reduces tossing and turning by up to 80% and acts as a shock absorber when you do readjust, meaning that you’re far less likely to be disturbed by your partner during the night - a godsend for those bunking up with a wriggly sleeper.
  • Temperature regulating technology ensures that optimum body temperature is sustained throughout the night. Aka no more clammy cuddles.
  • Speaking of cuddles, a restful sleep is scientifically proven to get you in the mood for some *cough* alone time *cough* with increased testosterone levels in well-rested men and women, and higher libidos as a result.
  • Beauty sleep isn’t a myth; you really do wake up looking rejuvenated and refreshed after a good night between the sheets. The science? While you snooze, free radicals responsible for premature aging are destroyed while proteins are busy making new cells and repairing skin damage.
  • You’ll feel great on the inside too, with steadier mood changes and greater patience after a peaceful slumber, allowing you to smile sweetly and forego silly tiffs with your significant other. Even when they take the last chocolate!

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