London Fashion Week - Long Live Luxury!

London Fashion Week - Long Live Luxury!

Models are strutting their stuff on the catwalk; established fashion brands and the next generation of designer faces have finished their preparations; media and celebrities have cameras and phones at the ready for their front rows seats. London Fashion Week 2016 is here!

So what can we expect from the shows and how will that translate to our wardrobes come Spring/Summer next year?

It seems there are two tribes - those who believe it’s time to focus on realism and inclusion, and those who believe high fashion should be about magic, intrigue and excitement.

So will this translate to what we see on the catwalk? Can we expect to see sharp lines, muted colours and stark runways juxtaposed with glitz, glamour and luxury? What we have already witnessed is Mulberry’s English vision of striped blazers and land girl chic against a bare concrete floor, which was in stark contrast to the frills, ruffles and sparkles witnessed at the Ryan LO show.

Here at Komfi, we’re firmly in the luxury camp. We’re sure when those models and designers leave the chaos and stress of the shows and parties behind, they will want to fall into a comfy bed and sleep….for a long time.

And the best sleep can only be achieved with the best mattress - one which uses the latest in 3D digital design, innovative materials and groundbreaking technology (just like our fashion counterparts) to ensure a truly satisfying, blissful night’s sleep.

We’ll be keeping a keen eye on the catwalks as the week continues to unfold to see whether luxury is still Queen of the runway!

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