The Komfi Fusion Plus memory foam mattress features a unique four-deep combination of pressure-relieving memory foam technology to provide the optimal level of support combined with superior softness. The patented double-vent cooling system at work in the base layer ensures even the lightest of sleepers enjoys the soundest of nights. No sags in the middle, no drop off the edge. The Fusion Plus delivers expert support from the head-to-toe, and edge-to-edge. A deep, luxurious memory foam mattress that doesn’t compromise on support.

Fusion Plus Memory Foam Mattress

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Main Features
  • 10 Years
  • Medium Soft Support
  • hypoallergenic
  • removable cover
  • removable top
  • 4G Technology
  • pressure mapping
  • Dust Mite Resistant
  • Quad Layer Design
  • Core Ventilation

Komfi Fusion Plus Memory Foam Mattress

Mattress Benefits

1 ‘Quick Zip’ removable cover (3cm)

The luxury quilted top layer of the Fusion range can be easily removed via a premium-quality zip. The soft-feel cover is machine washable for the ultimate in mattress hygiene. It offers a simple and speedy way to rejuvenate the 4G-infused mattress.

2. 4G technology (2.5cm)

Komfi’s innovative 4G foam incorporates ‘open cell’ technology for a superior sleep experience. Superconductive 4G expertly cools and ventilates from head to toe, delivering the optimal sleep temperature without compromising on support.

3. Revo foam (5.5cm)

With the central Revo foam layer supporting the lumbar region, this mattress is particularly beneficial for side sleepers, whilst also being suitable for back or front sleepers. This mattress offers a medium-soft feel but without losing the support beneath.

4. Dual-vent supportive base layer (15cm)

The dual-vent castellated base layer utilises two airflow channels for double ventilation. In addition to cycling air through the core, the Fusion Plus base provides a softer sleeping experience for those who value comfort over support.

Never slept so well in my horsebox!

Met the Komfi team at Bramham Horse Trials, invested in a custom size mattress for my horsebox and after sleeping on it for the first time last weekend am just speechless! Never felt so well rested after a night in the horsebox, makes the world of difference it really does

Max Beadle - 6th July 2017
Best mattress I've ever had!

It's rare I give anything a rating of 5 but my Komfi mattress is the best mattress I've ever had, the comfort and support is amazing, it's so true , invest in a good mattress , it's worth every penny, I'd pay more, actually I wouldn't cos I couldn't afford more but you get the idea.

Louise Syborn - 2nd July 2017
Ikon Trio at The Woodman Inn

I have recently stayed over at the Woodman Inn in Thunderbridge and after sleeping on one of the most comfiest beds ever I will definitely be replacing my mattress with the Ikon Trio.

Jill Walker - 26th June 2017
Holiday Let Beds

We have a four bedroom holiday let just outside Holmfirth and, knowing how important a good nights sleep is, chose Komfi mattresses for all the beds. We are delighted with the feedback our guests have given us and will definitely chose Komfi again

Max Earnshaw - 4th April 2017
Fantastic nights sleep!

Fantastic nights sleep from day one. Supportive and very comfortable. Have changed all our mattresses to Komfi now. Can highly recommend to all.

Sue B - 31st March 2017
We love it!

Can really recommend the Komfi mattress, a much improved nights sleep all round. I love the gentle sinking feeling when you lie on it, and the fact that it helps to keep you cool.
Great value for money and quality British product.

Bridget Dyson - 30th March 2017
The best nights sleep

We are on our second Komfi mattress, they are so comfortable. I can highly recommend them. The best nights sleep.

Jackie Quirk - 28th March 2017