Best of British

Rolling Hills & Green Valleys

You could say a peaceful night’s sleep is in our DNA.

From the window of our Yorkshire design studio, we can count a seemingly infinite number of sheep.

Not that sheep counting is the secret to our success. Instead, it’s a commitment to craft; a heritage of slumber.

Built on a Legacy

These rolling hills are world-famous as the cradle of the British textile industry. And this little corner of the county has a history of specialist mattress manufacturing. For generations, the world’s finest mattresses have been shipped to all four corners of the globe from this very village.

Within this green valley the Komfi development team have continued to build upon this legacy.

Our Very Best

But don’t let our genteel surroundings belie you. You see, we’re proud to follow in that other great British tradition: enterprising, exploring, energetic, pioneering. Always hungry to be better. Not for fame or fortune, but simply for the right to say: this is our very best.

At Komfi, we don’t shout it from the rafters or employ an army of trumpet blowers. We let our work do the talking. A quiet confidence in our craft.

Komfi: Our very best for your best night’s sleep.

Supporting Our Heroes

Everyday we're helping to transform the lives of our customers by giving them the best night's sleep possible. But what about those individuals who don't even have a bed, never mind a home.

As a proud British company, we are keen to do our bit to help those who are homeless, which is why we are supporting Alabaré and the fantastic Homes for Veterans charity.

Find out how we are helping our heroes here.



Established in 1975 we have over 43 years’ experience manufacturing mattresses. We’ve been manufacturing right here in Yorkshire, England for decades.

We keep up to date with the latest technical advances, which in-turn enables us to produce truly innovative products at competitive prices.

As a market leader in memory foam mattress production, our strength rests with the skilled craftsmen we’re proud to call our team.

Crafting a Komfi Mattress

Crafting a Komfi Mattress

Each Komfi mattress proudly carries the ‘Made in the UK’ stamp as our strength rests with the skilled craftsmen and women we’re proud to call our team.

Nobody knows more about engineering a great night’s sleep than them. It’s why we’re so confident in the manufacture of our mattresses that we guarantee them for up to 15 years.

And it’s an ethos we carry through to this day. Still at the vanguard of sleep innovation. Still giving our best to ensure your best night’s sleep. Still with the ultimate goal of helping the entire world to simply sleep better.

Sleep Well with Komfi

Sleep Well with Komfi

Buying your Komfi mattress is just the beginning of our journey together. We understand the value of a great night’s sleep.

We don’t follow fads and fashion for short term gain. That’s transitory; the equivalent of an unsatisfying ten minute nap on the sofa. We know that craft and style are eternal. 

Which is why Komfi mattresses can be found in bedrooms up and down the land, from Scottish castles to London penthouses.

The Best Mattress Technology

The Best Mattress Technology

Komfi has been at the forefront of mattress technology for decades. A commitment to constant investment and innovation means each Komfi mattress is expertly crafted using the latest in 3D digital design, innovative materials and groundbreaking technology.

With a dedicated Research & Design team at the helm, we’re always pushing limits and testing boundaries. A legacy reflected in our constant product innovations. Whilst others copy, we lead.

We lead the way in bringing the scientific understanding of sleep from the medical world to people’s homes. Ensuring Komfi customers received a superior night’s sleep on cutting edge foam technology.



What is life really like as a Komfi sleeper? We always welcome feedback from our customers, and treasure their reviews of Komfi products - so now we’re going to let them do the talking.

Our sleep experts are on hand to go through the options available, and help identify the perfect mattress for you.